Sunday, September 02, 2007

I'm Moving!

Hey guys...

My daddy bought me my very own domain.
... So I'm moving!!!

catch me @

buckets of love,


Thursday, August 30, 2007


look at the time now. its 5.36 am.

what the hell are you doing here michelle?

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Invisible Love Letter

Sunday night was wonderful,
it happened at where we first kissed.

you've once again touched my heart with simple word of yours.

baby, your letter reads like a song,
your gifts taste like blueberry flavored cupcakes,
and your lips are like marsh mellow,
your big warm hug smells like hot chocolate!

its familiar though..

i had this same feeling once...

it feels like us on our 6th month anniversary..


The juicy part of this blog

baby jas0n gave me a love letter along with a box of present
the content : a green pen and a big red heart necklace

when i open the letter, was empty. no words but just a small red heart

the green pen has a torch on the front of it and
am supposed to shine to read the content

brilliant, ain't it?

baby, thank you for the "happy week" surprise!
and sorry coz my tears smeared some of the letters

u never fail to surprise me and cheer me up at times when i was down,
and i respect u, i really don't know where u bought the invisible pen!


p/s: if you're wondering what occasion or event we are celebrating... my answer is none. jas0n is really a man with full of surprises! sweet kan?


Monday, August 27, 2007

Im still here!

I am gonna be around for a while.

I thought of changing blog, but i guess i will just have to stick here a lil longer. I has so much problem with MYSQL and PHP, there fore there no new blog for mC, for now.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Malaysia Mega SALE!

i contributed to the sales. sigh. i gave into temptation. =\

I have to make something clear. I am NOT a shopaholic like most girls. yeah. you can confirm that with jas0n or my daddy... but... i have this habit of saving up a lot, then when it comes to some mega sale or maybe Chinese new year, i will finish up all my money in the bank! @_@ i think this is worst than a shopaholic isn't it? sigh, i got to change, before i really go bankrupt.

i recall going out with my roomie, Pei Wen to Mid Valley last week, spent on unnecessary things and a pair of shoe(i need it, ok?).

then on friday night, I went out with Wendy and Seet to Mid Valley again to makan and catch a midnight movie. Rush Hour 3 was great. better than i expected. i will rate it 4 out of 5. not bad at all. anyway, before the movie started we went to Brewball for a short game of pool snooker. totally pawn the both of them. i think it was pure luck.

hehe... then on the way home we went "yam cha".

Saturday and Sunday i spent my weekend with my family. Daddy brought us out to The Curve because mummy wanna go to the street market and collect her new car. again i spent on some small lil unnecessary stuff. *smack own head* Went shopping after that, in the Curve. although daddy paid for my blouses and some Famous Amos cookie(it was orgasmic!!!!!!!!!!!), but i still made him spend. gosh.

not long after, i broke my damn heels! urm, what else, daddy got me another replacement. its a sweetie :3 this is like my 4th pair of shoe in 3 months from Vincci!!!

i declare myself broke for this week! yea, ppl around me whose reading this, pls be a dear and stop me from good expensive food, cute cute stuff, pool, movies, cookies and SHOES!!!

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

i saw a dinosaur-shaped-cloud

today was such a fun day. care free and relaxing.
my MPD tutorial was canceled.

Cyberjaya, quite a nice place
look at the clouds -- so fluffy~

so my roomie, pei wen and i decided to head down town to our" library". yes, the Megamall. =)
sad that carlyn couldn't join us coz she has FA class.

will u look at her. she looked "serious" while driving.


lunch @ yoshinoya

did some research for our coming TVC assignment in the supermarket and then we feel the need to de-stress, so we went shopping! yeah!!! did not intend to buy anything but we both still came back with stuff. XD girls will always be girls.

my day went well. smooth flowing and had a great time, expect on the way back to Cyberjaya, traffic was heavy.

had a blast. got what i wanted and had some inspiration for my next project d.

thanx baby for trusting us with Bubbles. enjoy ur hershey's cookies and cream white chocolate yea *wink* and thanx pei wen for such a wonderful time!


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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

most boring post ever


Finally i have submitted my damn bloody fished up Media Innovation assignment. woah~ this sure is a heavy one. worked hard through out the holidays (yea rite)... doing the graphic illustration, more photoshop and adobe illustrator and worst of all MAYA! i hate doing 3D stuff. just not born with the talent. unlike baby jas0n he is quite a pro in Maya n 3D studio Max.

anyway, thanx baby for helping and guiding me with my 3D work.


today i have a very unexpected call. i was napping in the evening, i think i wasn't even 5 minutes asleep i got a call. was from Naresh. so i pick up the call and it was vimal. wth u doin with naresh's phone la dey?

Vimal and Naresh ask me to get ready coz they wana makan. i was like... -- ok u go la makan, u wan me to feed u? anyway i had no choice but to teman both of them to Hasan Cafe in St Mall.
on the way there we picked Steph up from Cyberia.

Naresh's driving skill hasn't improve since... forever. Vimal hasn't improve his directing skills as well. he will be the last person on earth u wana get directions from. almost cost us our life! =p

after makan makan and minum minum we went to the most exciting place in cyberjaya. CyberPark!!! nothing canggih bout that place la, but we manage to find a very nice, and windy spot. good for taking picture too. it was so high up that it overlook the lake at the park. so pretty.

we didn't bring along a camera so we settled for Steph's camera phone. 3 mega pix. dun play play k.

first group pic

we all wanted to commit suicide together

look at me, i duduk at the railings there. so scary ok?

every1 sit like mC!!! XD
i like this pic the most!

thanx for bringing me love and joy guys!!!
wish wendy, MM n ling were with us.

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